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Perhaps the key to finding joy and success is focusing, not on the big and bold, but on the small, often unnoticed things, in life. 

David Kavanagh explores our primal drive to create order out of chaos and hope out of decay. David makes detailed ink drawings on Nepalese Lokta paper that combine geometric and decorative man-made patterns with natural forms to create fictional universes, structures and societies.

Aleksandra Kowalczyk’s sculptures are also concerned with ideas of order and chaos. Her work uses fractal geometry to show that small simple building blocks are used by organic structures which bring order and harmony to natural structures that appear to be irregular, variable or chaotic when viewed on a large scale.

Mollie Murphy explores the crucial role that hidden mycelium networks play in the ecosystem of a forest, connecting tree roots in a ‘wood wide web’. Mollie depicts this inner world of the forest using natural printmaking, ink drawing and installation.

Anne Mechelinck uses long-established materials such as rope and yarns and traditional hand-made processes like sewing, stitching and weaving to create beautiful larger than life green moss-like structures that are inspired by the Irish landscape and nature’s resilience and ability to recover.