Queer Ecology

The Laneway Gallery is now accepting proposals for an exhibition which will showcase for the first time in Ireland the concept of Queer Ecology and which will be part of this year’s Cork Pride Festival 2024 in late July.

Queer Ecology is the re-evaluation of how we understand the natural world, and what is natural, through the lens of Queer Theory which aims to deconstruct binary, restrictive mentalities that harm or devalue anything outside the mainstream. The natural world is fluid, boundless, and ever-shifting – and so are we. Queerness is about mutualism and symbiosis. Ultimately, by imagining, and advocating for, a world where there is a sense of community and cooperation between all species, we will find and create alternative solutions to environmental degradation and the climate crisis. 

Artists are invited to engage with this topic through queer approaches to eco-sustainable modes of living and non-exploitative interactions with ecosystems, as well as speculative scenarios for imagined futures that are free from anthropocentrism, racism, xenophobia and heteronormativity and that may play with ideas on biotech evolutions, hybridisation, mutation and eco-spirituality. 

This may include, within the scope of what can be shown in a relatively small Gallery, any form of 2D/3D artworks or videos, installations or performances.

Around 15-20 artists will be chosen for the exhibition with up to 4 short performances at the opening event.

Proposals should be submitted by email in pdf format to:

art@lanewaygallery.ie by the 9 May at 9pm.

Terms and Conditions

Only 1 submission per artist/collective will be accepted.

There is no entry fee.

Submissions of work are invited from visual artists working in paint, photography, video, sculpture, digital, print, drawing, mixed media and performance.

We can accept proposals by artists based in Ireland and abroad, however, artists must be able to ensure the work is delivered to the Gallery and subsequently collected by the designated dates. If applicable artists must provide for installation, except in the case of video art. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide travel or other expenses.

Works must not breach any copyright or other laws.

All works selected that are sent or delivered to the Gallery must be professionally presented (needing no further work, additions or framing prior to exhibition), not of undue size (150 x 150cm maximum) and properly packaged and labelled to protect them. We will not pay customs charges, duty or any associated charges on works arriving by courier.

If works are for sale, and are sold during the exhibition period, a commission of 20% is charged by the Gallery.

Artists are responsible for insuring their own work. All works accepted for exhibition will be transported entirely at the artists' risk and organisers and the Gallery will not accept liability for loss or damage occurring during travel to the exhibition or the selection process.

Artists selected must allow the Gallery to use images of any artwork for publicity and public engagement purposes only. This includes television, print (catalogue, newspapers, trade publications), websites, social media and any other method that the Gallery deems fit for purpose.

Performances, which will be restricted to the opening event and should be no longer than 15min.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any financial support for contributions

Key Dates

Open For Entry: 17 April 2024

Entry Deadline: 9 May 2024, 9 pm

Selection Notification: 30 May 2024

Receipt of Artwork: 10 July 2024

Exhibition Open To Public: 28 July – 24 August 2024

Collection of unsold work: by 29 August 2024, 4:00 pm