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Three Cork based artists explore the tapestry of our urban environment.

Using hardedge techniques and flat colours, Colette Cronin's works explore the exterior and interior spaces of today’s built environment, the spaces in which we live, which can often be unimaginative and characterless, perhaps contributing to our sense of anxiety.

Emmet Brickley weaves figures and environments together conveying metaphors for identity, solitude, and place.

Rachel Walsh makes mixed media collaged maps of Cork City which explore the many layers of memory that lie beneath the surface of the buildings, structues and spaces that we pass by everyday.

The writer JG Ballard asked:
“Does the angle between two walls have a happy ending?”

He was of the view that the rooms we occupy, the landscapes we find ouselves in, the postures we assume, deeply affect how we subconsciously interpret and respond to the world around us. 

To paraphrase Talking Heads from the song “Once in a Lifetime”:  
“… and you might find yourself living in an anxious world”

Fortunately, our brains are programmed to search for happy endings.