MAP, 2021



Rachel Walsh is a Cork born visual artist.  She graduated from Crawford College of Art and Design in 1995 with a B.A. in Fine Art.  In 2018, after working at An Post for 17 years, she returned to education and studied Illustration and Graphic Design at St. Johns Central College and Creativity and Change at CIT (MTU). With subject matter established and a process in which to research, experiment and develop her practice, she became a member at Sample-Studios in June 2021. 

Rachel makes large scale mixed media collaged maps of Cork City which explore the many layers of memory that lie beneath the surface of the buildings, structures and spaces that we pass by everyday.

Through a process of deconstruction and reconstruction, Rachel can respond to their unique mood and atmosphere using texture, colour and mark making.

The intention is to engage the audience with a sense of place and belonging.

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