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The paintings of Tiffani Love and Rachael Johnson share with us the visual, sensual and emotional experience embodied in the artists through their daily journeys along the ancient shores of Clare and through the primal bogs of Derry.

The works create a conversation between the ever changing landscape, the artist and the viewer, connecting us with the rhythms of the natural world.

Tiffani Love’s paintings explore the coastal terrain of Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way. It is a landscape that is complex and layered, both geologically and historically. It is worn by the rains that fall, the winds that blow, the tides that ebb and flow, and the many effects and changes of generations of people.

Rachael Johnson’s mixed media collage paintings on canvas evoke the bog and shore of Derry. The sweep of fractured scarp and tilted seam of fossiled stone, brackish fern and peat moss, soft rush sward and the slow seep of dank bog pools. Recalled from sensory memory these are inscapes.