Rachael Johnson grew up in Enniskillen and left her home town in 1980 to complete a Fine Arts Degree in Canterbury College of Art and Design, and then Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 

Rachael travelled extensively worldwide before returning to Ireland in 1991 to work as an Artist-in-Residence in Dublin. 

Between 1998 and 2002 she trained as an Art Psychotherapist in Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork and was involved in community arts events in the city during at that time.

Rachael is currently based in Derry where she works as an Art Psychotherapist but spends much of her free time painting in her late fathers’ studio in Fermanagh. 

Several of her works were selected for the International Art Expo in Italy.

Rachael uses mixed media to create collage paintings on canvas. Creative material may include oil, gouache and acrylic paints, inks, pastels, textured papers, fabric and natural fibres, metal, stone, wood and bone.

“There is something of the bog and shore that haunts: the sweep of fractured scarp and tilted seam of fossiled stone, brackish fern and peat moss, soft rush sward and the slow seep of dank bog pools resonate with archetypal curve and hue, making a familiar of these primal wetlands. Recalled from sensory memory these are inscapes."