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'To Ashes' is a two part installation, bringing together Evgeniya Martirosyan's earlier works with the pieces created in 2023 as a visceral reaction to the unfolding events in Russia, the artist's home country.

Conceived in 2021 the main body of work is a meditation on the themes of mortality, impermanence and loss. The artist draws from the symbolism of fire and ash, materials closely associated with death and destruction but also leading to a new cycle of creation. Used family beds, objects which hold memories of life, dreams and struggles, were set on fire and reduced to debris. These charred and fragmented bed carcasses also allude to war, displacement and its aftermath, resonating with present events.

The most recent part of the work is  built upon visuals inspired by Vladimir Putin's 2023 New Year's address to the nation. The manipulated footage draws the viewer's attention to somewhat  unnatural gestures and facial expressions of its participants. The recipients of 'the message’ are represented by a ghostly path of  shoes on the gallery floor.

The development of ‘To Ashes’ has been supported by the Arts Council Project award and the bursary award from the Cork City Council Arts Office.

Dobz O'Brien from the National Sculpture Factory is the Guest Speaker at the Opening.