Jude is a performer, a creator, a commentator. Philosopher, poet, and musician. A living, feeling human - an Artist.

They create experiences for humans to contact their humanness.

Whether a viewer applauds or not, so long as they felt or thought something more because Jude was there is the central point to their artistic creation.

Jude's core value is to create work of deep intensity that fosters intimacy with an audience. They want to reach a depth of understanding between themselves and the viewer. They also try to maintain a practice with a strong visual and cultural identity.

Jude's recent performance work revolves around the human body and more specifically how it continually carries every cry, every laugh and every bruise it has experienced.

Jude has worked and trained for many years in dance, theatre, music, circus arts, and costume and lighting design.

They studied fashion design in St. John's, textiles in CCAD, popular music in CSM, theatre in Kinsale College, circus in INAC (PT), and dance in SKH/DOCH (SE).

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