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Express Yourself, an antidote to anxiety and despair, is about how the uninhibited act of creation can uncover unique connections and unexpected perspectives, inspire joy, and open our eyes to beauty in all its forms.  With humour, a degree of irreverence and a strong nod to street pop culture in our multimedia metaverse, large-scale expressionistic graphic works drawn from a multitude of sources envelop viewers in a cacophony of colour, line, and positive emotion.

Embracing the spontaneity of life itself, Ciano’s vibrant, saturated, and colourful work revels in the chaos and untamed nature of the human psyche. 

Using acrylic and spray paint, along with other mixed media, he brings to life intuitive creations that embody universally resonating emotions.

Drawing from his background as a DJ and music producer, his process is instinctual and fluid, responding to the beat and rhythm of the given moment.  His work is about being present. Each one demands a reaction from the viewer.

Ciano is a largely self-taught artist who works from his studio in East Cork and sells his work internationally over social media.