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Double Double Toil and Trouble is an exhibition by Kata Kukla and Ian Malone which explores, on the one hand, the nomadic disintegrated doppelgänger identity of an immigrant, and on the other, a re-imagining of Millet’s peasant figures from the 1800s, which depict the ceaseless toil of rural workers, through the lens of the 21st Century.

Kata Kukla presents a new body of work alongside existing pieces that explore the concept of alter egos and double spirits within the context of the digital era and the artist's immigrant experience. Such doppelgängers have appeared in the folklore, myths, religious concepts, and traditions of many cultures throughout human history.

Ian Malone’s paintings are inspired by the French artist Jean-Francois Millet and other painters of the Realist school of the 1800s. They use various foodstuffs as landscape elements, as well as elements of Rococo style clothing, bird feathers and other patterning. They evoke feelings for socialism, animal welfare and ecology within the context of our culture of excess.