Kerstin Walsh is a multi-media Artist best known for making magical paintings using photographs of dresses as her canvas. Each photograph captures the intricate details and textures of the dresses and these images become the vessel into which the story of the wearer is poured.

She adds abstract and symbolic layers of paint, graphite and other media to transform these images into dynamic narratives, revealing the emotions, memories, and identities of those who wear them.

This fusion of photography and mixed media allows her to explore themes of personal story and transformation, engage with personal metaphor and unravel delicately the golden thread we follow to become ourselves.

Kerstin works on commission, creating pieces in conversation with you.

Displayed here, along with the finished pieces, is a painting in progress. This painting has gone through a number of iterations already and the Artist finds it interesting for viewers who can see how this painting will progress.

Instagram @dressportraits
Tiktok @weddingdressportraits
Website www.kerstinwalsh.com