Billy Dante is a painter who focuses on creating moments that appear like nothing and everything all at the same time.

They are everything in the sense that they have character, and are filled with familiar characters: an old telephone directory, a cigarette butt, tarmack, a double yellow line, a refuse bag or crushed cans.

These things tell stories in our minds and are ever present in our environment as memories of social activity.

The paintings are as much portraiture as they are landscape or still life. Sometimes bloated and full or sometimes empty, heavy or floating, tense or relaxed, downtrodden or upright and proud.

These paintings are intimate observations that represent lived experience in all it’s honesty.

Billy has been painting and creating artworks for as long as he can remember. He has maintained an independent art practice since 2014 after graduating with a BA Fine Art degree from Crawford College of Art and Design, MTU in Cork.

In 2016 he completed an MA in Interaction Design from National College of Art and Design, DCU in Dublin.