Anne Lene Hoel is a Norwegian artist and crafter based in Cork since 2013. She joined Outlaw Studios in 2019.

Anne has a bachelor’s degree in art history, and studied museology, conservation collection care at the University of Oslo. She has an education in visual art from Mølla Kunstskole in Moss, Norway, and studied fine art at St. John’s Central College in Cork.

Anne works with a variety of materials and techniques, including painting, drawing, sculpture, and digital art. Her style ranges from figurative portraits and abstract landscapes to satirical cartoons and knitting design.

Anne’s current work focuses on reminiscences, nostalgia and recreating memories.

“I work from old photos, slides and negatives, many of them being in an extremely poor condition. I digitalise and restore the images. Then break them down, add them together. Trying to catch the story the photo and photographer didn’t intend to tell”. 

Follow her work on Instagram @ALF_Hoel